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Official Hiatus~

Official Hiatus~ published on No Comments on Official Hiatus~
Alright so I need to get better about not disappearing. So with the holidays and everything the comic will be taking a break until after the New Year. With this time though I will be redrawing the first two chapters, and actually drawing them the way I originally wanted. So the story and all the little empty plot holes currently, will be fixed with the redraws. I’m switching to digital because I’ve become faster with it and I can accomplish more of what I want with it. Also the watercolor pages were starting to wear on me. I still want to create things in watercolor so the chapter covers will be watercolor. Thank you to everyone who have been so patient while I try to figure out a schedule that works out better for me to do what I love and still make a living. It’s been a bit hectic since I started work again and I hope to get that fixed going into the new year. So I hope you’ll stick around and join in the fun. I also set up a button to let you know when I stream. I’m planning on streaming a majority of the time now at least on weekends so you can come watch as I redraw the pages. I hope you’re excited to see the new chapters and too see what happens!! Thank you again everyone!!

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