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Howdy, I'm an illustrator and cartoonist that primarily uses watercolor as a medium.


LEXICON ROUND 2! published on No Comments on LEXICON ROUND 2!
So no page for this week since I will be at Lexicon! We leave tomorrow cause it’s an 8 hr drive O3O…. I’ve been busy getting everything finished and ready for it. We’re gonna have a free giveaway of random crap too! So if you’re planning on going make sure you stop by and say hello to me and my comic group!! Also enjoy the thing I did of Penn.. MEAT!!! Perspective was fun with this one~~ Anyways, I’ll be posting an update after the convention! Stay posted! I’ll post sooner on my Facebook or Instagram so if you aren’t you should go follow them to stay updated on the con!  I’ve also been using my Twitter more often! OOOOOO there’s also some new Fanart! Go check it out!

I make a return!

I make a return! published on No Comments on I make a return!
I am the back! AGAIN! Been really busy lately, so I’m sorry for the lack of updates. But I should be back to updating like normal. Next weekend is Lexicon! Guess who will be there with some awesome friends…. That’s right me!!!!!! I hope to see you guys there! I’ll have a bunch of things at my booth and even free postcards with a Penn that you can have! Below is the flyer for it! I really hope I get to see you guys! Let me know if you’ll be going!! There’s also gonna be a few neat things that I’ll have there! Have a great weekend everyone!

I swear I’m alive!

I swear I’m alive! published on No Comments on I swear I’m alive!
Hey everyone! I swear I’m alive!! I’ve been super busy working on Commissions that I got from Quincon! Which by the way went amazing! I had a wonderful time and met so many awesome people! I talked with so a lot of people and I feel, that I made so awesome friends! In other news September I’ll be going back for Lexicon in Stillwater, Oklahoma!!! It’s a free one day con and I’ll be there with my comic group!! Which one of them has a site with some pages up of their comic! I’ll be adding to the Extra page of the site! Make sure you check out their comics and give them love!!! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


HEY EVERYONE! So I have a job now, and I’ve been having issues with keeping to the twice a week update schedule. So we’re going to be going to once a week, just so I can actually get pages done and still get other work done in between my job and daily life. I hope you guys all understand and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be going to TWO conventions this year!! Woo! I am so ready to go to them and I will be posting up the information onto the site this weekend! Also, I think I want to do a competition of some sort… If anyone has any ideas for what would be a good one, let me know! Have a great weekend and see you next Friday with a new page!

Please stop yelling~

Please stop yelling~ published on No Comments on Please stop yelling~
Okay… For real this time I am back. A lot of things have been happening making this an extremely busy month for me! But pages will resume like normal! FOR REAL THIS TIME I SWEAR PLEASE DON’T BE MAD AT ME I LOVE YOU ALL!   Thanks for reading and sticking with the comic even while I disappeared, it means a lot. I’m feeling better and motivated, and I even have a job now. So I am feeling awesome again. I can’t wait to show you guys every thing I’ve been doing! Expect a lot of activity and the pages for Friday and Monday to upload like normal from here on out! Have a great week everyone!!  

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