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Howdy, I'm an illustrator and cartoonist that primarily uses watercolor as a medium.

Official Hiatus~

Official Hiatus~ published on No Comments on Official Hiatus~
Alright so I need to get better about not disappearing. So with the holidays and everything the comic will be taking a break until after the New Year. With this time though I will be redrawing the first two chapters, and actually drawing them the way I originally wanted. So the story and all the little empty plot holes currently, will be fixed with the redraws. I’m switching to digital because I’ve become faster with it and I can accomplish more of what I want with it. Also the watercolor pages were starting to wear on me. I still want to create things in watercolor so the chapter covers will be watercolor. Thank you to everyone who have been so patient while I try to figure out a schedule that works out better for me to do what I love and still make a living. It’s been a bit hectic since I started work again and I hope to get that fixed going into the new year. So I hope you’ll stick around and join in the fun. I also set up a button to let you know when I stream. I’m planning on streaming a majority of the time now at least on weekends so you can come watch as I redraw the pages. I hope you’re excited to see the new chapters and too see what happens!! Thank you again everyone!!

Again I’m back…

Again I’m back… published on No Comments on Again I’m back…
I know… I disappeared again. Work has been so exhausting, not to mention I was fighting art block. But hey look more possible plot! Haha! I did something constructive! I’ve actually been trying my hardest to get things done and still give a good quality page for you guys! So I hope you’re ready for more pages cause I’ve already started the next pages. Thanks to everyone who stuck around and waited for the next page! I appreciate you guys like you wouldn’t believe!! Hope you have an awesome weekend!  


Butthead published on No Comments on Butthead
So, getting adjusted to having a job again is really hard. But here’s the page~ A few days late but it exists, and there will be another page on Friday. Things have been pretty good other then that. I’m more adjusted to my new schedule and I have a lot of thing I’m working on. So it should be loads of fun! I hope you guys have an awesome week!!!

I make a return!

I make a return! published on No Comments on I make a return!
I am the back! AGAIN! Been really busy lately, so I’m sorry for the lack of updates. But I should be back to updating like normal. Next weekend is Lexicon! Guess who will be there with some awesome friends…. That’s right me!!!!!! I hope to see you guys there! I’ll have a bunch of things at my booth and even free postcards with a Penn that you can have! Below is the flyer for it! I really hope I get to see you guys! Let me know if you’ll be going!! There’s also gonna be a few neat things that I’ll have there! Have a great weekend everyone!

I swear I’m alive!

I swear I’m alive! published on No Comments on I swear I’m alive!
Hey everyone! I swear I’m alive!! I’ve been super busy working on Commissions that I got from Quincon! Which by the way went amazing! I had a wonderful time and met so many awesome people! I talked with so a lot of people and I feel, that I made so awesome friends! In other news September I’ll be going back for Lexicon in Stillwater, Oklahoma!!! It’s a free one day con and I’ll be there with my comic group!! Which one of them has a site with some pages up of their comic! I’ll be adding to the Extra page of the site! Make sure you check out their comics and give them love!!! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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