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Howdy, I’m an illustrator and cartoonist that primarily uses watercolor as a medium.

Again I’m back…

Again I’m back… published on No Comments on Again I’m back…
I know… I disappeared again. Work has been so exhausting, not to mention I was fighting art block. But hey look more possible plot! Haha! I did something constructive! I’ve actually been trying my hardest to get things done and still give a good quality page for you guys! So I hope you’re ready for more pages cause I’ve already started the next pages. Thanks to everyone who stuck around and waited for the next page! I appreciate you guys like you wouldn’t believe!! Hope you have an awesome weekend!  


Butthead published on No Comments on Butthead
So, getting adjusted to having a job again is really hard. But here’s the page~ A few days late but it exists, and there will be another page on Friday. Things have been pretty good other then that. I’m more adjusted to my new schedule and I have a lot of thing I’m working on. So it should be loads of fun! I hope you guys have an awesome week!!!

I make a return!

I make a return! published on No Comments on I make a return!
I am the back! AGAIN! Been really busy lately, so I’m sorry for the lack of updates. But I should be back to updating like normal. Next weekend is Lexicon! Guess who will be there with some awesome friends…. That’s right me!!!!!! I hope to see you guys there! I’ll have a bunch of things at my booth and even free postcards with a Penn that you can have! Below is the flyer for it! I really hope I get to see you guys! Let me know if you’ll be going!! There’s also gonna be a few neat things that I’ll have there! Have a great weekend everyone!

I swear I’m alive!

I swear I’m alive! published on No Comments on I swear I’m alive!
Hey everyone! I swear I’m alive!! I’ve been super busy working on Commissions that I got from Quincon! Which by the way went amazing! I had a wonderful time and met so many awesome people! I talked with so a lot of people and I feel, that I made so awesome friends! In other news September I’ll be going back for Lexicon in Stillwater, Oklahoma!!! It’s a free one day con and I’ll be there with my comic group!! Which one of them has a site with some pages up of their comic! I’ll be adding to the Extra page of the site! Make sure you check out their comics and give them love!!! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


HEY EVERYONE! So I have a job now, and I’ve been having issues with keeping to the twice a week update schedule. So we’re going to be going to once a week, just so I can actually get pages done and still get other work done in between my job and daily life. I hope you guys all understand and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be going to TWO conventions this year!! Woo! I am so ready to go to them and I will be posting up the information onto the site this weekend! Also, I think I want to do a competition of some sort… If anyone has any ideas for what would be a good one, let me know! Have a great weekend and see you next Friday with a new page!

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