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Howdy, I'm an illustrator and cartoonist that primarily uses watercolor as a medium.

Jappenin’ Jalapeno~

Jappenin’ Jalapeno~ published on No Comments on Jappenin’ Jalapeno~

I really love my fast food restaurant in the comic. I am so incredibly proud of it. But not nearly as proud as I am about having another update! So far so awesome this year! Hope you guys are enjoying the consistent updates now! Got a lot of projects I want to do, and I’m hoping to be posting more pages and more art! If you aren’t following me on Facebook or Instagram you totally should! I try to keep those constantly updated. At least going into the new year! Maybe next week I’ll see about doing a poll of something y’all wanna see.

Guess who’s back?

Guess who’s back? published on No Comments on Guess who’s back?

Hey everyone! One year later and I’m back!  I have a lot of reasons, but good news is I finally love making art again! Not to mention I feel I’m a lot better in my execution than before. So if you notice any changes in the style or possibly furniture, just ignore it. I leveled up and I’ll fix the old pages at a later date. For now the main goal is to finish Chapter 1 by the end of February!


Yea, that’s right. We going to be pushing out pages like you would not believe! This time there’s actually a buffer. Cause this time when I disappeared for the last year I actually prepped a shit ton of things. So yeah, I am finally farther ahead than I have ever been! Wooooooo!!! I hope you’re sticking with me, and if you have thank you so much! 2020 is going to be better. Hopefully we can actually get somewhere this time!

Fantasy complete.

Fantasy complete. published on No Comments on Fantasy complete.



I got like, hella distracted with work and other projects… But hey, there’s a page now. That counts for something right? I have it set in my calendar now so I don’t make the same mistake again. Now, I hope you guys enjoy the page… I’ll be going to Planet Comic Con in Kansas City and I am super stoked to see it!!  If you’re not following my Facebook page or Instagram you’re gonna miss out on some weird pics guys~ Hope you have a great weekend~~~~


Fabulous~ published on No Comments on Fabulous~

I AM A DAY LATE AND THAT MAKES ME SO MAD! Lol I am so sorry I’m a day late with this week’s page. Already messing up my own new schedule. Go me! Anyway, very happy with this page and the backgrounds and stuff. Yeah, it’s some good shit.

ALSO! I am streaming today! Twice, actually! I’ll be streaming this afternoon at 1:00 PM CST, and again at 8:00 PM CST. This first part of the stream will be me working on my commissions for Harry Potter Folklore and then the second part of the stream I’ll be hanging out with my best art buds. We’re probably gonna talk a bunch of smack and have a chill art jam. So come join us for that!

There should be a button up in the corner for Picarto, you can also follow me on the social of the media to get updates for when it goes down! Hope to see you there!

She hates planes… and uniforms.

She hates planes… and uniforms. published on No Comments on She hates planes… and uniforms.

Happy weekend everyone! Very happy to be moving on with the story and to be changing the scene~ This page was honestly a ton of fun to work on, and I like the color palette… I also just like green. I did get some awesome news, that I’m hoping to announce next week! So stay tuned for that~~ Other than that nothing much else has happened, just going with the week. I can say I am legitimately exhausted from the last few weeks, but I shall survive and produce more art and pages! Woo! Have a great next week guys!

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