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Howdy, I'm an illustrator and cartoonist that primarily uses watercolor as a medium.


SO MANY ISSUES published on No Comments on SO MANY ISSUES

Alright, so there’s no page this week. Because as I was working on it the pen for my tablet died. So this week you guys get a full view of the redraw I did instead. I am sorry that there’s no new page, but I hope y’all will forgive me. BUT I CAN REASSURE YOU ALL THAT THERE WILL BE A PAGE NEXT WEEKEND DAMMIT! I am very upset about the page not being up, but oh well. Have a great weekend and enjoy Penn’s thick thighs. <3


Precisely. published on No Comments on Precisely.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd it’s time for another update! Woo! Feels good to be actually doing things like this again. I’m so ready for the weekend, I wanna get a few more pages done so everything is ahead and then I can focus on other projects too. I hope everyone had a great week~


REEEEEEEEEEE published on No Comments on REEEEEEEEEEE

Told ya there was a bit of a backlog~ I actually have things done. Let’s see how long I can keep this up. Anyone still wanna make bets? Have a great weekend guys! Hope it’s as awesome as you guys are!!

New Year!

New Year! published on No Comments on New Year!

AND WITH THE NEW YEAR COMES A WHOLE NEW PAGE! HOLY SHIT! Aight, so it’s now time to make a whole bunch of promises that I don’t intend to keep but I am going to make an attempt to keep them.  Let’s see how long this will last. Anyone wanna make bets? Too bad, betting offices have closed. So, first promise of the new year is that I am going to start updating consistently again. No lie, I do miss it and I want to find that steady rhythm between work, life, and art. As such, I have actually made a bit of a backlog. Not much but it does exist again. Second promise of the new year is, I plan (more like hope) to complete at least a few chapters. Drawing them out to completion and maybe moving to multiple updates. Last promise is that I am going to keep to the other two promises. (Which we both know might not happen… Hopefully I’ll actually keep you updated on whether or not it’ll be a thing). Anyways, I hope you’ll stick with me as we start a new year!

No trace~

No trace~ published on No Comments on No trace~

So, I might have had a lot of fun drawing Penn’s fat little face munching away on pancakes. Overall, this was a pretty fun page to work on. I feel so happy knowing I’m getting back to updating regularly. Getting to actually continue on with the story and producing content again is just really satisfying. Anyway, I hope everyone has an amazing weekend before Halloween!!!

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