A group of highly skilled soldiers have been brought together in a special division to gather information on unknown creatures as they plague the universe. Being assigned such a mission is tough when they're fresh from the Academy, but a few leaders in the Fallen Union of Celestial Knights have faith in this team of misfits. Despite having an unorthodox work method, the Underground Division seems to still manage to accomplish their goals. Which of course begins to garner them attention from other divisions and even the enemies of their organization. Still they continue to fight for what they believe is justice and to continue protecting the people.

Starting Fresh~

Starting Fresh~ published on No Comments on Starting Fresh~

Aaaannnnnnnd we’re finally making a comeback! I took a way longer break then I meant to, but a lot of things have happened. Along with me finally getting into a rhythm, my computer breaking down, getting a new one, and other projects that distracted me. So I have the chapters redrawn, HOWEVER, a lot of… Continue reading Starting Fresh~

Chapter one start!

Chapter one start! published on No Comments on Chapter one start!

So it begins…….. again! I’m so excited to restart this adventure now that everything has been fixed up and rewritten. It’ll make it a lot easier to understand and to enjoy! Hope you’re ready for the adventure to start again!

Early mornings~

Early mornings~ published on No Comments on Early mornings~

Been a challenge to get this page uploaded. But managed to do it! Everything should be working now! About fucking time! Lol Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Next page is set for next Friday!

You’re crazy~

You’re crazy~ published on No Comments on You’re crazy~

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand page two!!!! Feels good to have a buffer finally! Bryce is a bit of a crank in the early hours of the day, but Vierna knows how to fix it. I’m, like, so excited to be getting back into this and to be updating regularly again. It feels so good! Not to mention I’m… Continue reading You’re crazy~


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This page is a few days late but there were a few things that had to be fixed, not to mention all the coloring and details. Granted, it was all worth it. I only want to put out the best that I can, even if it’s a few days late. I hope you guys are… Continue reading Yet.