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Aaaaaand we’re a couple days late again. I don’t think I got my schedule as down as I previously thought, but it’s nothing that can’t be fine tuned. At this point I’m just happy to get the pages uploaded at some point! Hopefully I can get better about that update schedule. Looking forward to seeing… Continue reading Crabby

Finally another page~

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Took awhile, but uh… hey look a page. There was a lot of detail in this page and it took longer than I meant for it to take. Anyways! Here ya go! Next page! Hopefully next week’s page will be on time for once! Have a great weekend!

She’s fine~

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Hey remember how I said there were gonna be consistent updates? Well, that was before I had to start working more hours. So, uh, yeah… Here’s that page finally. At this point, I’m gonna try to update as soon as I can. I wanna get these pages out faster but my god I am so… Continue reading She’s fine~

Another update! At long last!

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Holy crap! Finally! A page! I have been terrible at this constant updating thing. I hope I can get better at this, I’d like to dedicate more time to the comic, but being an adult sucks major monkey butts. But hey, there’s been a lot more work behind the scenes for this so woo! And… Continue reading Another update! At long last!

Pancake fights and Flune-bugs

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Had some trouble getting this page up. Apparently there isn’t a calendar to show you guys when the next post will be either. So yea, it has been a day. I hope you guys like today’s page! I have a bunch of things prepared to share soon! So if you aren’t following me on social… Continue reading Pancake fights and Flune-bugs