A group of highly skilled soldiers have been brought together in a special division to gather information on unknown creatures as they plague the universe. Being assigned such a mission is tough when they're fresh from the Academy, but a few leaders in the Fallen Union of Celestial Knights have faith in this team of misfits. Despite having an unorthodox work method, the Underground Division seems to still manage to accomplish their goals. Which of course begins to garner them attention from other divisions and even the enemies of their organization. Still they continue to fight for what they believe is justice and to continue protecting the people.


Crabby published on No Comments on Crabby

Aaaaaand we’re a couple days late again. I don’t think I got my schedule as down as I previously thought, but it’s nothing that can’t be fine tuned. At this point I’m just happy to get the pages uploaded at some point! Hopefully I can get better about that update schedule. Looking forward to seeing… Continue reading Crabby

Finally another page~

Finally another page~ published on No Comments on Finally another page~

Took awhile, but uh… hey look a page. There was a lot of detail in this page and it took longer than I meant for it to take. Anyways! Here ya go! Next page! Hopefully next week’s page will be on time for once! Have a great weekend!

She’s fine~

She’s fine~ published on No Comments on She’s fine~

Hey remember how I said there were gonna be consistent updates? Well, that was before I had to start working more hours. So, uh, yeah… Here’s that page finally. At this point, I’m gonna try to update as soon as I can. I wanna get these pages out faster but my god I am so… Continue reading She’s fine~

Another update! At long last!

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Holy crap! Finally! A page! I have been terrible at this constant updating thing. I hope I can get better at this, I’d like to dedicate more time to the comic, but being an adult sucks major monkey butts. But hey, there’s been a lot more work behind the scenes for this so woo! And… Continue reading Another update! At long last!

Pancake fights and Flune-bugs

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Had some trouble getting this page up. Apparently there isn’t a calendar to show you guys when the next post will be either. So yea, it has been a day. I hope you guys like today’s page! I have a bunch of things prepared to share soon! So if you aren’t following me on social… Continue reading Pancake fights and Flune-bugs