A group of highly skilled soldiers have been brought together in a special division to gather information on unknown creatures as they plague the universe. Being assigned such a mission is tough when they're fresh from the Academy, but a few leaders in the Fallen Union of Celestial Knights have faith in this team of misfits. Despite having an unorthodox work method, the Underground Division seems to still manage to accomplish their goals. Which of course begins to garner them attention from other divisions and even the enemies of their organization. Still they continue to fight for what they believe is justice and to continue protecting the people.

Cocky Bastard

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Hey look! I got my god dang pen working again! Woo! Very happy to have gotten the page done for this week, and next week too. Looking forward to getting more into the chapter and just getting back into producing pages consistently again. It feels wonderful to be back on the saddle, and no lie,… Continue reading Cocky Bastard

She hates planes… and uniforms.

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Happy weekend everyone! Very happy to be moving on with the story and to be changing the scene~ This page was honestly a ton of fun to work on, and I like the color palette… I also just like green. I did get some awesome news, that I’m hoping to announce next week! So stay… Continue reading She hates planes… and uniforms.


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I AM A DAY LATE AND THAT MAKES ME SO MAD! Lol I am so sorry I’m a day late with this week’s page. Already messing up my own new schedule. Go me! Anyway, very happy with this page and the backgrounds and stuff. Yeah, it’s some good shit. ALSO! I am streaming today! Twice,… Continue reading Fabulous~

Fantasy complete.

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I MESSED UP MY FRIDAYS! I AM SO SORRY!   I got like, hella distracted with work and other projects… But hey, there’s a page now. That counts for something right? I have it set in my calendar now so I don’t make the same mistake again. Now, I hope you guys enjoy the page…… Continue reading Fantasy complete.

Guess who’s back?

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Hey everyone! One year later and I’m back!  I have a lot of reasons, but good news is I finally love making art again! Not to mention I feel I’m a lot better in my execution than before. So if you notice any changes in the style or possibly furniture, just ignore it. I leveled… Continue reading Guess who’s back?