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Fabulous~ published on No Comments on Fabulous~

I AM A DAY LATE AND THAT MAKES ME SO MAD! Lol I am so sorry I’m a day late with this week’s page. Already messing up my own new schedule. Go me! Anyway, very happy with this page and the backgrounds and stuff. Yeah, it’s some good shit.

ALSO! I am streaming today! Twice, actually! I’ll be streaming this afternoon at 1:00 PM CST, and again at 8:00 PM CST. This first part of the stream will be me working on my commissions for Harry Potter Folklore and then the second part of the stream I’ll be hanging out with my best art buds. We’re probably gonna talk a bunch of smack and have a chill art jam. So come join us for that!

There should be a button up in the corner for Picarto, you can also follow me on the social of the media to get updates for when it goes down! Hope to see you there!

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