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Guess who’s back?

Guess who’s back? published on No Comments on Guess who’s back?

Hey everyone! One year later and I’m back!  I have a lot of reasons, but good news is I finally love making art again! Not to mention I feel I’m a lot better in my execution than before. So if you notice any changes in the style or possibly furniture, just ignore it. I leveled up and I’ll fix the old pages at a later date. For now the main goal is to finish Chapter 1 by the end of February!


Yea, that’s right. We going to be pushing out pages like you would not believe! This time there’s actually a buffer. Cause this time when I disappeared for the last year I actually prepped a shit ton of things. So yeah, I am finally farther ahead than I have ever been! Wooooooo!!! I hope you’re sticking with me, and if you have thank you so much! 2020 is going to be better. Hopefully we can actually get somewhere this time!

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