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Back with a Vengeance!

Back with a Vengeance! published on No Comments on Back with a Vengeance!
Alright, so again I disappeared on all y’all and I am so sorry. If you saw my previous message then you’d know that this time of the year is gonna be really rough on me. However! I have found my confidence again and while i was away, I built a buffer for you guys. So after today there will be pages unless stated otherwise! So expect to see the end of Chapter 1 (finally!) and see the beginning of Chapter 2! I am very excited and happy to be getting back into this, you have no idea! So I hope you enjoy the page, thank you to everyone that waited so patiently. As a reward I would like to sketch you guys something as a thank you! Comment any ideas that you would like to see and I’ll do quick sketches of them! Have an awesome day guys!

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