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Another update! At long last!

Another update! At long last! published on No Comments on Another update! At long last!

Holy crap! Finally! A page! I have been terrible at this constant updating thing. I hope I can get better at this, I’d like to dedicate more time to the comic, but being an adult sucks major monkey butts. But hey, there’s been a lot more work behind the scenes for this so woo! And good news is I actually made a buffer for once. So woo! Constant updates for a bit! Yay! As for other things, I’ve slowly been working on character files! There’s now three under the File links for the Knights! Check it out! Thanks for sticking with me while I figure out a work schedule that actually works for me! Lol Also there should be a handy little calendar added that tells you when the next update will be up! Stay tuned!

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