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So, no page for today and uh, yeah you won’t learn how to properly shave a Geep either… But, uh, back to the lack of page…

Yeah, I know, I’m a terrible artist. BUT I swear there is a reason (this time). I’ve actually been hired to be the artist for Harry Potter Folklore on YouTube. You guys should totally go check out his videos, he’s rad!! Because of this, I have to better manage my time so I can produce more work for him and still do this! So, for this to work, I plan to go to bi-weekly updates. Every other Friday now! At least until I can do art full time, so I am hoping that this will only be temporary and that soon I can update weekly again! I will try to update as often as possible, but for sure it will be bi-weekly! I do hope you’ll stick with me as I start this awesome new adventure! If you aren’t already, go follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I’ll be posting the news there and sharing WIPs!!! See you guys next week!

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