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LEXICON ROUND 2! published on No Comments on LEXICON ROUND 2!
So no page for this week since I will be at Lexicon! We leave tomorrow cause it’s an 8 hr drive O3O…. I’ve been busy getting everything finished and ready for it. We’re gonna have a free giveaway of random crap too! So if you’re planning on going make sure you stop by and say hello to me and my comic group!! Also enjoy the thing I did of Penn.. MEAT!!! Perspective was fun with this one~~ Anyways, I’ll be posting an update after the convention! Stay posted! I’ll post sooner on my Facebook or Instagram so if you aren’t you should go follow them to stay updated on the con!  I’ve also been using my Twitter more often! OOOOOO there’s also some new Fanart! Go check it out!

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