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Howdy, I'm an illustrator and cartoonist that primarily uses watercolor as a medium.

Early mornings~

Early mornings~ published on No Comments on Early mornings~

Been a challenge to get this page uploaded. But managed to do it! Everything should be working now! About fucking time! Lol Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Next page is set for next Friday!

Chapter one start!

Chapter one start! published on No Comments on Chapter one start!

So it begins…….. again! I’m so excited to restart this adventure now that everything has been fixed up and rewritten. It’ll make it a lot easier to understand and to enjoy! Hope you’re ready for the adventure to start again!

Starting Fresh~

Starting Fresh~ published on No Comments on Starting Fresh~

Aaaannnnnnnd we’re finally making a comeback!

I took a way longer break then I meant to, but a lot of things have happened. Along with me finally getting into a rhythm, my computer breaking down, getting a new one, and other projects that distracted me. So I have the chapters redrawn, HOWEVER, a lot of things have changed story wise. (During this long break I actually did a bunch of writing and other shit, like whoa the amount of things I wrote..)

SO, because of that we’re gonna be starting over! Holy crap no way! Well yes way. Like I said, a lot of things have changed and I’d rather make sure everything makes sense and is cohesive as a whole. I really hope you guys are ready for an adventure to restart!

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